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We are empowering IL communities to speak up at their local board meetings against any form of school-sponsored initiatives that violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964, especially Title VI. Learn about your parental rights (opt-out form) and watch how the Inaugural Awake IL chapter in Naperville is advocating to Educate Not Indoctrinate our children. We partner with Parents Defending Education and were proud to participate in their coalition letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. Check out the June webinar where Turning Point USA representative Chris Howse discusses the opportunity to launch free speech chapters in schools with just THREE students needed to start. Additionally, we are inspired by the "pro-human" movement of the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, which just launched a Chicago chapter. 



Through the pandemic year, many of us developed a heightened awareness of our health and safety. Our choices fall on a spectrum based on the best interests of our personal health situations and our families. Awake IL continually shares resources on how to advocate for your liberties and preferences, especially regarding the masking of children. Given the latest webinar by IDPH, it's clear that intergovernmental policies with ISBE and the CDC may understandably confuse parents on their rights. We aim to support your parental rights regarding your child's health and safety. 


Join the Movement

Take the pledge and subscribe to the latest Awake IL events and initiatives. Check the box at the end of the form to watch the Orientation Webinar and hear how we are effecting change in our communities. 

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Awake IL highlights various legislative news and issues that may affect our communities, children, and/or general liberties. Through statewide efforts by the citizenry, nearly 17,000 witness slips were filed in opposition to HB2789. Our legislators listened and thus far, the bill has not been brought to Senate vote. Many of us are also members of the Illinois Parents Union, which worked tirelessly during the pandemic to advocate for reopening our schools. We are collaborating on shared efforts to give power back to the people of IL.



This chat hub is a public resource is to assist with efforts to mobilize within your community, share resources, and ask questions. 

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Donations will assist our efforts to educate the citizenry, conduct webinars, and support the social welfare issues affecting our communities. Please consider a $25/month auto-pay via PayPal to Awake IL not-for-profit 501(c)(4).

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